How does a crime scene cleanup work?

by | Feb 14, 2022

Crime scene cleanup is not something you want to do yourself — or something you should have to do after being the victim of a crime. We can help to clean your space and get it back to where it was before the crime happened.

If you’re in a situation where you need a crime scene cleaner, you may be wondering how the process works. Who does it? What happens? How much does it cost? This blog post will answer those questions and more, so that you can be better prepared.

Who are the crime scene cleaners?

Cleaning up a crime scene can be a delicate and dangerous task. It requires a lot of knowledge and experience to handle the hazardous materials that are often present. Crime scene cleaners are trained in biohazard remediation because they typically deal with biohazards along with other hazardous materials. Because of this, crime scene cleaners always follow specific health guidelines to protect themselves and to make spaces safe and sanitized.

What happens during a crime scene cleanup?

During a crime scene cleanup, trained technicians carefully clean the area with proprietary cleaners and then test surfaces to detect if anything dangerous remains. Proper disposal methods are then used — when dealing with bio-hazardous materials, you must be properly cognizant to not cause harm or pollution anywhere else in society. We use an extensive array of cleaning products, biohazard disposal packaging, and specialized cleaning and testing equipment to safely restore your space.

You can typically expect the process to take anywhere from two hours to four days, but we can give you a more accurate estimate when you request a quote.

How much does crime clean up cost?

Cost will vary depending on what kind of material or expertise we need to deploy to clean your space and keep our employees safe. Other factors include the amount of material that needs to be transported and disposed of and what type of equipment we need to use. Sometimes the process takes longer when removing odors because we have to return after the odors have been eliminated to pick up our equipment. The list of variables is as long as the list of possible situations.

We know it can be tough to plan for a cleaning service without knowing the exact cost, so we’re more than happy to come and assess the scene in order to offer you a quote. Or, we can do so virtually with photographs provided. We’ll also work with your insurance to verify if crime scene cleanup cost is covered under your policy.

Crime scene cleanup and crime scene cleaning companies can be found in most major cities. Sometimes they are contacted by a law enforcement agency, medical examiner or insurance company to remove blood, bodily fluids and other biohazard materials from a property that is potentially contaminated with hazardous substances such as human blood, body fluids, vomit or feces. However, most of the time, the home or property owner must arrange for a crime scene cleaning themself. This is where we come in to help. With one call, we can help take care of everything for you.

The cost of crime scene clean up depends on factors such as size of the job site and type of situation (i.e., what kind). Every case is different so it’s best to contact us for an accurate quote or hire a crime scene cleanup expert today!

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