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If you possess a property that has gone into foreclosure, sell it faster when it’s cleaned up.

An Efficient Foreclosure Cleanup Company

Selling a foreclosed home can come with a host of difficulties. From damage done by neglect over previous years to deliberate destruction by previous owners on their way out of the property, getting a foreclosure in good enough shape to be viewed by prospective buyers is challenging but not impossible. Invest in the possibility of a faster sale with professional foreclosure cleanup services from Florida Emergency Cleaning.

Benefits of Hiring Foreclosure Cleanup Services

If you are an investor, banking professional, or real estate agent, you most likely do not have time to go down to your new property and clean it out for prospective buyers to look at. Cleaning out foreclosures can be incredibly time-consuming, and in some instances downright dangerous. It’s important to never leave a foreclosure cleanup to chance.

 Instead, enjoy the benefits of hiring a foreclosure cleanup service and focus on other important business operations.

Unfortunately, the last thing individuals do when their property is foreclosed is ensure it’s clean and tidy. They may leave behind unwanted belongings,  junk and trash along with appliances and structures in various states of disrepair. Luckily, foreclosure cleanup services can help ease the burden and have a property up and running again quickly.

The right foreclosure home cleaning business can help you because:

We’ve Got Time

It’s not your job to clean out a foreclosure property-but it is ours. Don’t waste your time cleaning up after previous residents when you can hire professionals who can devote their full time and attention to the process.

We’ve Got Tools

As a professional cleaning service, we have all the necessary personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies for a task like cleaning out foreclosures. Whether there are dangerous materials, structural destruction, or just general grime, we are prepared to take on the property including any and all junk removal.

Our Cleaning Process

Not all foreclosure cleanup companies are created equal. When you need a foreclosure cleanup, cost and process are likely top of mind.  Get in touch with us for a quote and to schedule foreclosure cleanup services. For emergency cleanup needs, we can arrive within a day or less to tackle your property. As a professional foreclosure cleanout business, we know that time is of the essence to save a property from complete disrepair.

Foreclosure cleaning companies like Florida Emergency Cleaning know that cleaning out foreclosures is more than getting rid of clutter.

Some common foreclosure cleanups cover:


Properties that have been foreclosed upon were often victims of long-term neglect preceding the foreclosure. This may mean water damage, smoke damage, and non-functioning features like unhinged doors. Our team can come through and tackle these challenges before the house goes on the market.


Foreclosures are notorious for their vulnerability to destruction. Whether on the part of an angry owner or by vandals looking for valuable materials in the house once it’s empty, repairing deliberate destruction and the messes it causes is essential before listing the house.


Hoarding situations in foreclosures are not uncommon. We are equipped to deal with the massive cleanout a house that has been the site of hoarding requires.


Along with restoring the property to a viewable condition, we can board it up to secure it from further vandalism while vacant.


Don’t Hesitate

We can get a team of our thorough and professional cleaning technicians to your location quickly. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


We are happy to provide quotes upfront for our professional cleaning services. These are 100% free and no-obligation.

Hire Florida Emergency Cleaning Response

You don’t have to clean out a foreclosure property, but we do! Hire Florida Emergency Cleaning Response today to get the space back in viewable condition for your prospective buyers.

Happy Customers

“These guys were awesome! Very professional, on time, and they took their time cleaning and making the home spotless. I’m very impressed and would recommend this company to everyone!”

-Jonathan C.

“I would highly recommend this company! They did a great job for a great price.”

-Staci M.

“I figured out why these guys get all these 5 stars… Showed up when they said they would and did a better expected job and their price is right… Very happy, very…”

– Dave H

“Excellent job…above and beyond expectations at a reasonable price.”

-Sharon R.

“Service was very professional and done in a timely manner. Customer service was just to my liking. Very friendly guy and respectful. The equipment that he used did a fantastic job!!”

-Chasity T.

“He was on time and did an excellent job, even giving us tips on a product to prevent mildew from showing up on the picnic table again. We are so happy with his service!”

-Diane B.

“Does a great job – honest and dependable! Highly recommend.”

-Mary H.

Our Services

hazmat cleaning service

Bio Hazard Cleanup

If you have any Bio Hazard that needs to be cleaned up, the experienced team at Florida Emergency Cleaning Services has the equipment and knowledge to cleanup any hazardous situation safely and effectively.

hazmat cleaning service

Hazmat Cleanup

If you have hazardous chemicals or dangerous locations that need to be cleaned up professionally, the experienced team at Florida Emergency Cleaning Services has the equipment and knowledge to cleanup any hazardous situation safely and effectively.

Expert crime scene cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup

Cleaning up a crime scene can be a difficult and dangerous situation for anyone that hasn’t been professionally trained. Our experienced team of crime scene specialists can assist you with cleaning up blood, body fluids, hazardous chemicals, damaged property, and much more.

disinfection pro

Disinfection Services

Bacteria, pathogens, and other bugs are impossible to see and extremely difficult to clean. Still, the professional team at Florida Emergency Cleaning Services can come to your business and disinfect it from top to bottom. We are here to help you.

Home board up services

Property Board Up Services

If you have a vacant property or there is bad weather on the way, the team at Florida Emergency Cleaning Services can effectively and professionally board-up your building or property, making it safe and secure and preventing storm damage and unauthorized access.

hoarding clean up pro

Hoarder Cleanup

After someone has been hoarding in their home for years, the mess they leave can look like a nightmare to cleanup, but it doesn’t have to be! Our experienced and professional team at Florida Emergency Cleaning Services can assist you with all hoarder cleanup services.

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We can get a team of our thorough and professional cleaning technicians to your location quickly. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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We can get a team of our thorough and professional cleaning technicians to your location quickly.

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