COVID Cleaning: How to Do It Effectively

by | May 23, 2022

Deep cleaning and disinfecting have always been a good way to help prevent the spread of contagious illnesses. But now more than ever, knowing how to properly disinfect interiors is important for helping keep everyone healthy.

Read on to learn more about effective COVID cleaning techniques, including the benefits of hiring professional COVID house cleaning services.

COVID-19 Virus and Common Surfaces


Why should you disinfect your home or business after someone tests positive for COVID-19? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, can survive on a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces.

The latest studies conclude that on porous surfaces, the virus becomes undetectable within minutes to hours, while on non-porous surfaces, it can be detected for days to weeks. In all, the CDC found a 99% reduction in infectious SARS-CoV-2 and other coronaviruses can be expected within three days.

And while three days may sound short, that’s a lot of time for businesses to have to close or homeowners to have to quarantine.

COVID Cleaning Tips

Man in hazmat suit COVID cleaning gym equipment

The COVID-19 virus can spread if someone touches their nose or mouth after touching a surface or object with the virus on it.

Disinfecting areas after someone tests positive for COVID-19 can give you peace of mind as you continue with business as usual. Here are some tips for completing a thorough COVID cleaning:

  • Use soap and water first. Washing high-touch surfaces like door handles and light switches with soap and water removes dirt and lowers the number of germs on surfaces before you disinfect them, according to the Mayo Clinic.
  • Read the labels of disinfecting products. Always read product labels, even for hospital-grade cleaning products. Pay special attention to the contact time needed for it to be effective to ensure you’re using it correctly.
  • Create more ventilation. Open windows during your home cleaning or use a fan to help create ventilation and improve air circulation.
  • Protect your overall health. Make sure to protect yourself while you clean. Use gloves and wear a mask to prevent becoming sick. Wash your hand and your clothes using soap and warm water after you complete your cleaning.

Benefits of Hiring a COVID House Cleaning Service


While you can certainly clean your business or home yourself, hiring a disinfectant service can be the most convenient way to complete a COVID-19 cleaning.

These are just a handful of the benefits of hiring an industry leader cleaning service to disinfect your property:

  • Save yourself time. Leave the cleaning to the experts and go about your day as you typically would. A cleaning service can complete the job in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it yourself.
  • Satisfy legal requirements. Expert cleaners know what it takes to disinfect a property to meet legal requirements. This is especially important if you operate a business like a dental or medical office.
  • Utilize professional tools. There’s no need to purchase equipment or cleaning supplies when you hire a professional service. They have all the materials needed to complete a deep clean.

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