Biohazard Cleanup: How Much Does It Cost?

by | May 15, 2022

Have you been dealing with a biohazardous situation and need to hire a biohazard cleanup crew? You’re likely wondering how much it costs and what goes into the job. There are many factors that go into pricing, so the cost of one job will vary depending on the size and severity of the event. 

We’ve written some general guidelines below, however, the best way to get an estimate is by contacting us today for more information about the biohazard cleanup services we can offer you. We have years of experience in this industry, so whether it’s cleaning up blood at your home or removing hazardous materials from your warehouse after an accident, we’re happy to help!

What is Biohazard Cleanup and Biohazard Removal?


Biohazard cleanup is when a bio-hazardous material, such as blood, chemicals or fecal matter, is found in an area. The use of specialized equipment and techniques are used to remove the hazardous materials from the scene. Biohazard removal may involve removing poisonous material such as asbestos, as well. 

Biohazard cleanup can be difficult because it could involve removing bodily fluids that contain infectious organisms like HIV or Hepatitis B. There are also different levels of biohazards depending on what was spilled; if it’s just feces then you need gloves and goggles but if there’s any other type of fluid involved you’ll need more protective gear like Tyvek coveralls or hazmat suits. 

Biohazard Home Cleaning: What to do if You Find a Biohazard in Your Home


What happens if you come home to a biohazard? Tragic events, accidents, or newly discovered dangerous substances happen. In a perfect world, you would never have to think about the consequences of biohazardous material in your home. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and it’s important to know what you should do. It could be a result of someone neglecting to clean up after themselves or an area that was contaminated during an event such as an accident, industrial spillage or construction site mishap. 

In many cases these spills are unintentional but they can cause serious harm when unattended for too long so there are two things you should do before anything else: 

  1. Leave the site of the biohazard immediately. You do not want to contaminate yourself or your family. 
  2. Contact us, or if necessary, dial 911 immediately. Biohazards present a serious health risk and should never be touched without protective gear unless absolutely necessary.

Biohazard Cleanup Services


At Florida Emergency Cleaning, we cover all types of biohazard cleanup services. We offer our clientele: 

  • Expert Hazmat Cleanup
  • Expert Biohazard Cleanup 
  • Expert Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Expert Disinfection Services
  • Expert Foreclosure Cleanup Services
  • Top Hoarder Cleanup Services

The Cost of Biohazard Cleaning Services

Every situation is different, so we price our services based on your needs. Because it is difficult to know how much something will cost without knowing your situation, we provide a 100% free, no-commitment quote for our services. You can have us come in person to survey the site or we can offer a quote virtually from photos you provide, for your convenience. Contact us today, we can help. 

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